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Assigning the digital coaxial input

Gjelder for:

  • Lifestyle® V10 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V20 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V30 home entertainment system

One of the two coaxial (Coax) digital audio connections on the back of the Lifestyle® V-class system media console is assigned to the DVD player. The other connector, labeled "Assignable," can be used by another digital audio source (TV, VCR, CBL∙SAT, AUX or None). To assign this coaxial connection, follow these steps:

Turn your TV on and select the correct video input

on the remote, press the system button to display the system menu on your tv

press the right arrow to highlight the "media center" icon

press the down arrow until "coaxial source" is highlighted and press enter. use the up arrow and down arrow to select the source (tv, vcr, cbl-sat or aux) that is connected to the assignable digital audio jack and then press enter

press exit to leave the system menu

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