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Replacing remote control batteries

Gjelder for:

  • Lifestyle® T10 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® T20 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V10 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V20 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V30 home entertainment system

Replace all four batteries when the remote control stops operating or its range seems reduced. Alkaline batteries are recommended.

Slide the battery compartment cover off. Symbols inside the compartment show how to match the - and + symbols on the batteries

Insert the four AAA batteries, making sure to match the - and + symbols

Slide the cover back on until it clicks into place

Changing the remote control batteries is the only regular maintenance required. However, switches inside the remote battery case can be changed and should only be changed with the assistance of a Bose technical support team member. Similar changes may be required for any additional expansion remotes purchased for use in other rooms. For more information on changing house codes and room codes, see Changing house codes.

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