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Setting the alarms

Your system has two independent alarms. Each alarm can be set for:


Wake-up source: buzzer, radio or CD


Using the alarm buttons

Using the alarm buttons on the bottom of the remote, you can setup and operate each alarm.

alarm 1:
press to turn alarm 1 on or off.

alarm 2:
press to turn alarm 2 on or off.

alarm setup:
press to activate the alarm setup mode and view alarm 1 settings. press again to view alarm 2 settings. press again to exit the alarm setup mode.

Alarm status indicators

The upper right-hand corner of the display shows the alarm status indicators if the alarm is set. In the example below, Alarm 1 is set to 6:30 AM, and Alarm 2 is set to 7:15 PM.

Setting the alarms

You can choose the settings for each alarm by activating the Alarm Setup mode and displaying the settings for the alarm you want to change.

To set an alarm:

press alarm setup to activate the alarm setup mode and display the settings for alarm 1. the alarm number and time start flashing in the upper right-hand corner of the display. then the display will show you the current settings for alarm 1

Alarm Setup

using the time buttons, set the alarm time


Select your wake-up source:

press sleep to choose "buzzer." this is the factory default alarm setting


press radio to choose a radio station


press cd to choose a track


press volume up or volume down to set the volume level of the selected wake-up source

Volume up

Volume down

press alarm setup to enter the alarm 2 setup mode. repeat steps 2-4 to set up alarm 2

Alarm Setup

press alarm setup again to exit the alarm setup mode

Alarm Setup

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