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Turning on mono decoding

Gjelder for:

  • Lifestyle® V10 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V20 home theater system
  • Lifestyle® V30 home entertainment system

Before the Mono Decoding setting can be viewed or changed, the Audio Processing settings in the System menu must be set to "User Adjustable." For information on how to change the Audio Processing settings, see Changing the Audio Processing settings. When you have changed the Audio Processing settings to "User Adjustable," change the Mono Decoding setting by following these steps:

Select a source that allows Mono Decoding to be adjusted: DVD, AUX, TV, CBL∙SAT or VCR

on the remote, press settings

press the down arrow to highlight "mono decoding"

press the right arrow, and then the up arrow or down arrow, to switch from "off" to "on"

press enter to confirm your selection and then exit to leave the menu

Note: Mono decoding remains set, even if the source is changed, until the system is turned off. When the system is turned off, it returns to its default state of "Off."

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