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Using Repeat and Shuffle

Gjelder for:

  • Lifestyle® 48 series IV DVD home entertainment system
  • Lifestyle® 38 series IV DVD home entertainment system
  • Lifestyle® 38 Series III DVD home entertainment system

You can apply Repeat and Shuffle play modes when playing the CD #, Playlist, Whole CD or selections from the Music Library. To use these modes:

on the remote, press shuffle to play tracks randomly. press shuffle again to turn off shuffle

press repeat to cycle through the modes:

Once to repeat a track

Twice to repeat a selected genre, artist, album, CD or playlist

Three times to turn off Repeat

press shuffle followed by repeat to hear the tracks in random order repeatedly; during continuous umusic®+ or encore play, repeat and shuffle modes do not apply. when you press shuffle or repeat, the word appears on the media center display. on your tv, an icon indicates the style of play, as shown below

Randomly playing tracks.

Repeating the track.

Repeating selected tracks or a playlist.

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