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System status lights

Speaker array indicators

Power indicator:

solid white: power on

fast blinking white: system is muted

very fast blinking white: system volume has reached the maximum or minimum limit

Status indicator:

off: speaker array and acoustimass® module are connected

slow blinking orange: speaker array is available to make a wireless connection

fast blinking orange: speaker array is disconnected and trying to connect

solid green: adaptiq® system is activated

blinking green: adaptiq system is calculating data

blinking green 5 seconds: ac power applied

solid red: system error

Acoustimass module indicator

solid orange: speaker array and acoustimass module are connected

blinks orange every 3 seconds: acoustimass module is disconnected from speaker array (or speaker array is off: acoustimass module standby)

slow blinking orange: acoustimass module is available to make wireless connection

solid red: system error

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